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Monday, August 8, 2016
An Announcement from the History Committee Chairman
We have a new Sunshine Child Chairwoman resident at Mooseheart. Karie McShea assumed duties as Sunshine Chairwoman, succeeding (retiring) Nancy Backmeyer, who had been associated with Mooseheart for over forty years. I was able to contact Karie this past month to get updated information on Jamison Holister, the Mooseheart child that Lodge 208 has adopted. The new Chairwoman actually put me in contact with resident instructors at Canada House, where Jamison resides, and they passed along the following details about our Mooseheart kid:

Originally from Mishiwaka, Indiana, Jamison is now twelve years old, and has been resident at Mooseheart for four years. Jamison was six years old and fatherless when his mother died. Upon his Mother's death, Jamison was taken in by his single Grandmother, and she eventually put Jamison in the Care of Mooseheart as she was unable to provide for Jamison on a continuing basis.

According to his instructors, Jamison is not so sports minded but rather academically inclined, and he has aspirations to become a veterinarian.

Having made closer contact with Jamison, we now have a more detailed picture of our Sunshine Child, how he came into our care, and his hopes and aspirations. Knowing this, we can we have a basis for pending decisions about how we might support him. I will make an inquiry as to exactly how and to what extent Mooseheart provides for College Education for students, and pass that information back to you.

~ Mitch Williams, History Committee Chairman
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Administrator's Message
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As required in the General Laws of Moose International, when the Administrator’s position becomes vacant, the Treasurer assumes his duties. Therefore, I will be assuming the duties and responsibilities of the Administrator, due to the above resignation of Mr. Allen Guiles. I will perform my new duties to the best of my abilities. I expect to continue to receive the same generous and kind assistance of all the lodge members, as I have enjoyed in the past. Your support and friendship has consistently reinforced my belief that our lodge has a particular brand of congeniality and friendliness that makes this lodge unique.
Our Lodge has a long history in this community and is a much loved place where many McKinleyville families and individuals have bonded together to share good times and sometimes, unhappy times. But throughout the years, the feeling of family has prevailed, and our lodge has benefitted from the unique and talented individuals within our membership rolls. I am proud to be a part of that family. I am dedicated to my new challenge, and will work hard to do a good job. With the help, encouragement, and cooperation of our members, I believe we can continue to grow in the direction laid out by the founders of Moose over 125 years ago.
Yours in Moose service,
David Durbin
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